Tuesday, February 28, 2012

P6 Students' Work

As part of the P6 Project, the students were required to design a travel company tour that included a lunch and activities. Some of the groups had some excellent ideas, and decorated their posters very attractively.
I want to join the Fantasy Travel tour....how about you?

Monday, February 27, 2012

English Drama Class

Last year the English Drama students worked very hard to practise the scripts and songs. We're hoping that this year we can do the same. English Drama is about using English in a fun and different way to express ourselves. Costumes, songs and dance are all the fun parts of our dramas!

P6 Field Trip to Central

As part of the P6 English Project, the P6 students visited the Central area with Mr. Hill and Miss Wu. They went to Dr. Sun Yan-Set Museum, followed by a tour of Mat Mo Temple, Pottinger st. and Shelly st. We shared a group lunch together.
The students were set tasks to interview foreign tourists in the area. The interviews were more detailed than they completed in P5. The students did a great job and impressed the teachers in their ability to locate and interview people of different nationalities. Having the confidence to approach and meet people in English is useful for practical situations in the future.